Investment Casting Manufaturer
Investment Casting Company Laboratory
Effective metal testing laboratory, for Chemical and Mechanical Testing.
  Chemical Testing »
Investment Casting Laboratory
- Chemical tests are performed using Spectrometer ARL-3460 (Make: ARL, Switzerland), well calibrated using Set-up samples and certified reference material.
- We have ability to check seventeen elements (C, Si, S, P, Mn, Ni, Cr, Mo, Cu, V, Ti, W, Co, Nb, N, Al and Fe)

  Mechanical Testing »
Investment Casting Manufacturers Laboratory
- Tensile strength test is done, using Universal Testing Machine of 10 ton capacity.
- Computerized Extensometer System to calculate Yield Stress 0.2% and 1% Proof Stress.

  Hardness Testing »
- Hardness test in HRC and HRB is done, using Brinell Hardness Testing Machine.

  Micro Analysis »

Micro analysis using Microscope (Make: Olympus, Japan) with attached Digital Camera up to 1000X magnification and Automatic Computerized Micro Characterize Software.

We check following parameters :

- ASTM Grain Size measurement
- Linear Measurement/Angular Measurement
- Inclusion Rating
- Volume Fraction
- Powder Particle Size Distribution
- Hardness Indentation Measurement