Investment Casting Manufaturer
Investment Casting Process
Investment Casting Process
Investment Casting - Die Making Die Making & Inspection »
- We have facility and experience for Die Making on VMC M/C for any Critical Geometry Components.
- Before sampling, we do 100% Die Dimensional Inspection, as per drawings.

Investment Casting - Wax Pattern Shop Wax Pattern Shop »
" Final Casting quality depends solely on the wax pattern Quality "
- We use Pattern wax and soluble wax for Accurate Pattern Making.
- Assembly Design is done to produce best yield with best quality.
- We have Semi Automatic Wax Injection Presses with Runner bar extrusion press.
- 100% pattern inspection, delivers high precision castings.

Investment Casting - Ceramic Shelling Ceramic Shelling & Drying »
- We use, Zircon flour & sand, fused Silica and Colloidal Silica (water based) binder for different applications.
- We have Equipments like Slurry Drums, Rain fall Sander, Fluidized Bed, Jar –Drum etc.
- We have Temperature and Humidity Controlled Drying Room with Dehumidifiers.

Investment Casting - Melting Melting »
- Our Melting Shop is equipped with Inductotherm Make Induction Furnace, with 400 and 150 Kg. Crucibles and Temperature Controlled Shell Baking furnace.
- We use standard quality scrap to ensure best metallurgical quality of casting materials.

Investment Casting - Heat Treatment Heat Treatment »
" To achieve desired material properties."
- In-house facility for heat treatment like; Solution Annealing, Normalizing, Tempering, with temperature controlled Gas fired Heat Treatment Furnace.
- Best Heat treatment practice is ensured through study of microstructure.

Investment Casting - Fettling Fettling »
- Our Fettling Shop is equipped with Machines for Shot Blasting, Abrasive Blasting, Belt Disc- Grinding, Welding, Pneumatic Grinding and supporting machinery.
- We supply casting without any gate and riser pads.

Investment Casting - Final Inspaction Final Inspection »
- We apply 100% visual inspection followed by dimensional inspection.

Investment Casting - Services Value Added Services »
- Ability to conduct various Tests like; Pressure Testing, Non Destructive Testing (DP and Radiography), IGCT, Impact Testing, etc. through In-house and external agencies.
- Process capability like; Glass Bead Blasting, Vibro-finishing, Buffing, Electro Polishing and Acid Passivation, as per customer’s requirement.